New Canadian Life and Career Strategy Accelerator powered by Becoming a Willing Student™

Are you a new Canadian professional? Can you truly say that you are getting the most out of your life and career goals?

Are you tired of learning everything about building a new Canadian life and career without getting results?

Is your new Canadian life and future crystal clear and brilliantly bright?

Can you sense how it will feel to achieve your goals and vision of the future?

Or maybe you feel stuck with your new Canadian life and career, overwhelmed and are not sure how to move forward?

Welcome to Becoming a Willing Student™, a next generation life and career strategy accelerator for new Canadian professionals who want more from their lives. The Becoming a Willing Student Strategy Accelerator program gets you past newcomer and immigrant fatigue and on to Authentic Engagement - using your unique brand voice to start genuine conversations that actually add value to your audience and makes them fall in love with you.

This is an immersive and intensive program designed to give you an engaging experience that fast-tracks the achievement of your new Canadian life and career goals and elevates your impact in the Canadian marketplace.

If you are frustrated with your new Canadian life and career and want to learn the new Canadian life and career skills that are so essential to your long-term Canadian success and happiness, or if you are tired of old-school life skills and career models, the Becoming a Willing Student Strategy Accelerator will help you unlock the power of your new Canadian brand voice to lead and inspire your best audience and achieve your goals.


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We make building your new Canadian life and career enjoyable and fun by first enabling you to gain insight into your authentic brand voice, develop your unique competitive advantage in the Canadian marketplace, and position you as the "one and only" in the minds of the best audience.

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Using your authentic brand voice, we’ll help you create the right life and career strategy that conveys your passion and purpose, shares your unique story, aligns with the ideal audience you’re trying to reach, and helps you generate, nurture, and capture higher value life and career opportunities.

Strategy Implementation and Execution.png

strategy implementation and execution

Once we’ve successfully extracted your authentic brand voice and created the right life and career strategy with your goals in mind, it’s time to inspire your audience. We'll help you implement your strategy to ensure that you're focusing on what truly matters and is sustainable in the long-term.