Your New Canadian Life and Career Made Simple

Are you a new Canadian? Do you wish you could achieve your life and career goals like a pro, even though you may not feel like you have what it takes?

Are you afraid that you'll fail or you won't know how to navigate the awkward parts of being a new Canadian?

Or maybe you are new Canadian professional and want to learn the Canadian influencing skills that are so essential to your long-term success?

Let us help you break past your barriers and take your new Canadian life and career to the next level.

At Becoming a Willing Student, we help you stretch and grow your new Canadian brand presence and influence others in authentic ways. Our approach is tailored to you, based on your unique life needs and career goals. Whether you are a first-time, early-stage or seasoned new Canadian professional, Becoming a Willing Student will help you laser-focus on the things that get you results.

Discover the missing link for new Canadian professionals that makes achieving your life and career goals painless and more fun and will help you develop the brand presence to connect with and inspire your best Canadian audience.

Our Life and Career Coaching Priorities


Strategy: We help you make wise decisions in the pursuit of long-term value.

Does your Canadian audience get excited and inspired when you engage them? On a scale of 1 to 10, how compelling and interesting do you think your new Canadian life and career strategy is? No matter how cool your goals, credentials, qualifications, or skills are as a new Canadian, if your life and career strategy scores less than an 8, you’re going to have a hard time building a successful new Canadian life and career.


Sales: We help you concisely demonstrate the value of what you offer.

What kind of impression do you want your new Canadian brand voice to leave your Canadian audience with? Do you want your brand voice to start intelligent and genuine conversations with your Canadian audience that lay the foundation for building lasting relationships with them? Wouldn’t it be cool if your Canadian audience was actually excited to talk to you after reviewing your life and career goals, your skills or your credentials?


Relationships: We help you build and leverage relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunities.

Great relationships lead to new life and career opportunities and more impact, income and influence. How confident are you with your relationship management skills as a new Canadian? Do your relationship management skills pique your Canadian audience’s interest with promising value, or do they resemble an endless proclamation of self-love? Do your prospective Canadian audience suspect that you are actually a marketing robot instead of a human?