Becoming a Willing Student™ Live Coaching Roundtable - How to Lead Winning New Canadian Life and Career Conversations and Influence Others in Powerful Ways

Dynamic Facilitated Live Coaching Roundtable for New Canadian Professionals

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unlock the power of your new canadian brand voice…

Are you a new Canadian professional? Can you truly say that you are getting the most out of your life and career conversations?

Maybe you are a new Canadian entrepreneur, product visionary or tech person looking to sell a new idea or project to your team, community or another company?

Introducing the Becoming a Willing Student™ Live Coaching Roundtable. This is a unique live coaching experience for new Canadian professionals who want to learn how to lead winning life and career conversations, and the conversation process, with the greatest success.

The Becoming a Willing Student Live Coaching Roundtable gets you past persuasion, negotiation or networking fatigue and on to Authentic Engagement - using your unique new Canadian brand voice to start genuine conversations that actually add value to your Canadian audience and makes them fall in love with you.

My name is Tawanda Chirenda. I teach new Canadians how to lead and influence better. I'm the creator of the Becoming a Willing Student Live Coaching Roundtable and Founder of Becoming a Willing Student.

What frustrates me the most is that we have complicated the new Canadian life and career experience more than it needs to be and I want to change that. Most new Canadian professionals have this false idea that influencing others is about creating big strategies and spending lots of time and money on networking and self-promotion. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It begins with you.

When it comes to influencing others, you need to win the private victories before you can win the public victories. If you are ready to achieve bigger life and career goals faster than the average new Canadian professional, the Becoming a Willing Student Live Coaching Roundtable is your answer.

The Becoming a Willing Student Live Coaching Roundtable™ will help you:

  • Lead winning life and career conversations from the first introduction to influencing the audience and expanding your presence and impact.

  • Capture the imagination of your Canadian audience by helping them see their new reality if they choose you.

  • Influence more effectively and build your capacity to create and sustain success.

  • Use questioning techniques to uncover the full set of audience needs and desires.

  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor during the conversation process.

  • Sell ideas, insights, and perspectives that influence the audience's agenda.

The Becoming a Willing Student Live Coaching Roundtable uses a proven method and conversation process for winning your audience. A unique methodology we call The Authentic Engagement Advantage™.

  • Build deeper connections with your Canadian audience, and inspire them to think about you every day.

  • Effortlessly sail through every Canadian life and career conversation, and learn how to actually use feedback and rejections to increase life and career success.

  • Have the master key to your Canadian audience's deep emotions, so you can keep them deeply engaged for as long as you want.

Ready To Get Started?

If you think this Live Coaching experience might be a good fit for your life and career needs, please drop us a quick note and we can have a conversation. No hard sell, no obligation, just a good chat to see what it would feel like to work together. Here is how to reach us:

Toll Free: 1-888-766-2851 or Direct Line: 647-407-1403