Any new Canadian can set life or career goals, just as any newcomer can dream about success. But only the willing student can create and sustain success.
— Tawanda Chirenda

Happy Clients


Tawanda is an excellent new Canadian life and career strategist who brings an enthusiastic manner to his work. His passionate approach is both challenging and refreshing. I have seen him ask the right questions to a group to make sure that the root causes of a particular issue are brought to light. His methodology is grounded in both his personal experience and the wealth of knowledge he has gathered by working directly with clients. I would recommend Tawanda wholeheartedly, as you will leave his sessions feeling energized and with clear direction of next steps.

— nick yeo, futurpreneur canada

In March, I had the pleasure of hearing Tawanda’s impassioned keynote. Technically, his form was beautifully polished; from his structure and transitions to his vocal modulation, speed, and body language, Tawanda displayed a mastery of persuasion. What was more impressive, however, was how authentic, refreshing, and powerful the content of his talk was. Rarely have I come across a speaker with a true message. Tawanda’s performance was cultivated with care and exhibited a craftsman’s subtlety, and I hope I have the privilege of hearing him speak again in the future.

— johnson fung, co-founder & ceo of meroe grammaticus inc.

Tawanda helps new Canadians find and give voice to the experiences that shape their new Canadian lives and careers, in actions and motivation. His results mirror his methods – Tawanda is not afraid to be vulnerable and share his own stories to create space for others. Tawanda ignites change in the people he speaks to and he leaves his audience with both the desire and tools to bring their authentic selves to the surface

— michael flatt, co-founder & ceo, first general services north america

Tawanda delivered his Becoming a Willing Student Strategy Accelerator workshop at A-Way on April 29th. His presentation captivated our audience for the better part of 2 hours. His skills were even more appreciated in that most of the staff had already completed a full day of work. Tawanda had an excellent Power Point presentation. His presentation skills were excellent. He has a very positive manner and delivered the material at just the correct pace. I would strongly recommend this Workshop.

— scott mccauley, a-way express