Becoming a Willing Student Foundation

Strengthening Youth Mental Health

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helping newcomer youth inspire and prosper…

The Becoming a Willing Student Foundation was established to help newcomer and immigrant youth uncover, develop, and bravely use their authentic voice to build lives and careers that inspire and prosper.

Founded by Tawanda Chirenda, New Canadian Life and Career Strategist, the Becoming a Willing Student Foundation helps newcomer youth get clear about who they really are as new Canadians, more confident about their inner voice, and empowers them to expand the quality of their presence and influence in the Canadian marketplace. We believe the best youth empowerment initiatives establish trust, breath authenticity, and provide youth with true value.

Our Mission

To bring inspiration and prosperity to youth everywhere.

Our Goal

To be a refreshing voice in the youth empowerment space by providing an honest approach in getting the best return on investment.

Contact Us

To learn more about our work or partner with us, please drop us a quick note and we can have a conversation. No hard sell, no obligation, just a good chat to see what it would feel like to work together. Here is how to reach us:

Toll Free: 1-888-766-2851