Transform your new Canadian life.

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Hi. Welcome to Becoming a Willing Student. We aren’t your typical life coaching or career coaching service. We're all about shedding new light on new Canadians who are struggling in their professional lives, and creating an environment where you are striving for your fullest potential and your unique competitive advantage is being maximized.


Our Life and Career Coaching Program

Our unique New Canadian Life and Career Strategy Accelerator program strips away the useless life and career coaching jargon and dogma to reveal the time-tested process for building the kind of competitive advantage that is personally meaningful and uniquely valuable to the Canadian marketplace. We help you get clear about who you really are as a new Canadian, more confident about your brand voice, and empower you to expand the quality of your presence and influence in the Canadian marketplace.

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Our Life and Career Coaching Model

Our innovative New Canadian Life and Career Coaching Model gives you more clarity in your vision, purpose, mission, and value to your Canadian audience, so you can have more confidence in your actions to create desired life and career outcomes. We help you sell more of your passion, energy and expertise to the right Canadian audience and find new audiences to whom to sell. We will show you your best Canadian audience, what they care about, how to get your life and career message in front of them, and how to speak to them in a consistent, relevant and confident voice.

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Our Life and Career Coaching Priorities

We work closely with you to develop, optimize and innovate your new Canadian life and career strategy so you can create long-term value from your ideas, goals, and relationships. Our expertise is in assessing your unique competitive advantage, identifying opportunities for improvement, providing detailed recommendations, and partnering with you to devise a customized action plan. We inspire you to do and be more as a new Canadian than you ever dreamed you could.

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A Top 10 Service

We do things differently. We challenge the rules. We question the status quo and seek for new and increasingly productive ways to help you achieve your new Canadian life and career goals. We specialize in turning your goals into real results from the ground up. We start at the grass roots and help you get back to basics.


We take the stress out of being a new Canadian. We provide you with clear strategies on the long vision of your life and career, the impact you want to have, and tell you how to get there. We help you achieve your goals, in a smart, disciplined way.

— Tawanda Chirenda

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Our Knowledge Bank

The most sought after trait by new professionals worldwide is competitive advantage. What we don't realize is that the best competitive advantage we have is in our life and career strategy not in our credentials, goals, or expertise. At Becoming a Willing Student, we utilize a unique New Canadian Life and Career Coaching Model to help you achieve your life and career goals while making your competition irrelevant.