Tawanda’s Keynotes

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inspire and prosper…

An Inspiration Partner to new Canadian professionals, Tawanda is on a mission to bring inspiration and prosperity to Canadians everywhere. He thrives at the nexus of authenticity and engagement, and captivates and inspires audiences with contagious energy, compassion, and humour.

Tawanda gives keynote speeches on how new Canadians can use their life and career goals to engage more authentically and profitably. He delivers a highly compelling and memorable experience which audiences long for and displays a mastery of persuasion that is desirable in a keynote speaker.

If you are interested in having Tawanda speak at your next business meeting or conference, please drop us a quick note and we can have a conversation. No hard sell, no obligation, just a good chat to see what it would feel like to work together. Here is how to reach us:tawanda@becomingawillingstudent.com

Toll Free: 1-888-766-2851 or Direct Line 647-407-1403